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We are a certificated Aviation Training Organisation and provide training in accordance with our Part 141.

We have specific approval to conduct flight crew training and assess operational competency for unmanned aircraft operations.

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Fenix is pleased to welcome Richard Milner as Chief Examiner for our training organisation and Chief Pilot for our (pending) Part 102. As Chief Examiner, Richard has oversight of our flight examiners, ensuring that each is at an appropriate standard for their role.

Richard brings a wealth of experience to the role, holding a CPL(H), holding (or having held) senior persons roles in Helicopter Part 135 and Part 141 companies, senior Instructing roles, and prime person in his own company’s Part 102 organisation. He has recently been the Safety Systems Manager for the Fenix Flight Training Ltd Part 141 organisation.

We are excited at the potential opportunities that lie ahead of us as the industry continues to develop. Richard’s skills and experience will help ensure that our training remains relevant as technology develops and there is greater integration between crewed and remotely piloted aviation.

What we offer


UAS Remote and Advanced courses, and Flight Training.

Part 102 Certification

We create and manage your 102 through the approval process.

Ag Spraying Ratings

Everything you need to know about Agricultural Spraying.

It’s easy when you know how! Join Chris Jackson, our Manager Flight Standards and head examiner, as he demonstrates our flight test and talks through what is expected.

Thanks to Jack Woon from unko films for his assistance in putting this video guide together.

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