Part 102 Certification


While many UAV operations could be conducted under Part 101, in the new Health & Safety environment many local Councils and major businesses are now requiring Part 102 certification as evidence that they are dealing with a competent operator.

Fenix UAS specialises in operator certification for all forms of aviation, and can assist with your needs.  Fenix UAS have prepared expositions for UAV operators ranging from simple to complex. For a small organisation the exposition will include all the systems you may require, and for large organisations the exposition can be integrated with your existing organisational systems. Our expositions are designed to aid compliance with the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 as well as with the civil aviation regulations.

Certification Process

Fenix UAS can assist you with the preparation of your operating manuals and application to CAA for certification under Part 102. The Part 102 certification process is summarised in the diagram on the right (click to expand). There are two parallel processes: preparation of the exposition, and obtaining the documents required for CAA’s “Fit and Proper Person” assessment.

We will discuss your requirements with you and then prepare a written proposal. Once you have accepted our proposal we will send you a set of questions with information we need to prepare the exposition. We will then prepare a draft and send it to you for your review. It is usually appropriate to meet with you to talk through the requirements in the draft and any questions you may have. Based on your feedback we will then finalise the exposition and the associated “rule compliance matrices” published by CAA.

The CAA requires that there is a person with primary responsibility for the UAS operations. We will guide you through the collection and preparation of the documents for the “Fit and Proper Person” process undertaken by CAA. This process requires the applicant to apply for a Criminal Record History from the Ministry of Justice, as well as a demerit point and traffic offence history. There are also specific requirements around documents for proof of identity and proof of address for service.